Tribeca Serviced Apartments Executive 2 Bedroom Apartments

Tribeca Serviced Apartments

Melbourne East Melbourne Australia 3002
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Arrival: Sun, 16-Dec-2018 Departure: Mon, 17-Dec-2018 Length of stay: 1 Night
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One Bedroom Executive Apartment

ADVANCE PURCHASE - 1-Bedroom Executive Max 4 Guest
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4 Guest
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"Our experience was very good, always room for improvement that's the only reason I didn't say it was perfect! The only thing disappointing was incredibly minor - one of the downlights in the bathroom was missing and made it a bit hard to say - a bit difficult with 4 girls and a guy trying to get ready to go out for the night! Also, while we waited to check in the gentleman at the front desk was being given a very hard time by 2 women as there had been an error with their booking - in our opinion they were incredibly rude to him, he was trying to help them! They criticised his attitude along with everything else and to be honest it was pretty easy to see he was under the pump, apart from having the two of them try to rip him apart he also had 2 or 3 groups of people waiting to check in!"  Lora from Melbourne
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